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Inspirational Books

Title: The Daisy Sutra: Conversations with my Dog

Author: Helen Weaver

Book Description: A deep and touching story of the soul bond of a human being and her dog through death and beyond. Required reading for animal lovers, The Daisy Sutra is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet.

Special Offer: Free postage, free gift wrap, and free inscription to the people and/or animals of your choice!

Title: Pinches of Salt, Prisms of Light

Author: Carmen Leal and Eva Marie Everson

Book Description: An inspirational book of ordinary people, extraordinary stories.

Special Offer: $5.00 off Companion Pinches of Salt, Prisms of Light Musical CD when ordered together. Mention special to receive discount.

Title: Faces of Huntington’s

Author: Carmen Leal-Pock

Book Description: A book for and about those with Huntington’s Disease, and for others who care.

Special Offer: $5.00 off Companion Faces of Huntington’s Musical CD when ordered together. Mention special to receive discount.

Title: A Reason For Living (The way to fulfillment against great odds)

Author: Laurent Grenier

Book Description: Heartrending life story, enlightening and uplifting philosophical message. Highly recommended by reviewers. (11/04) Independent Publisher Online recognizes it as one of “the greatest in independent publishing.”

Special Offer: This book of wisdom, autographed by the author, comes also at a discount. What is more, it is an invitation to discover this author and communicate with him through e-mail.

Title: To Bee or Not to Bee

Author: John Penberthy

Book Description: Life is a journey from I to we. An illustrated, inspirational allegory–clever and spiritually sophisticated–about a worker bee who transcends the mindless tedium of life in a honeybee colony. Endorsed by nationally-known spiritual teachers/authors.

Special Offer: Free Shipping (be sure to mention Autographed by Author on shopping cart page). Quantity Discounts on orders of 2 or more books (it’s an endearing gift!). Communicate with the author by clicking the Contact link on the website.

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