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Children and Young Adults Books

Title: Heirloom Stories from the Harnessmaker’s Son

Author: Jack and Rick Kamen

Book Description: Jack Kamen, in his late 80s, spins humorous and heartwarming true stories about growing up in a Yiddish-speaking section of Brooklyn in the early 1900s.

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Title: Goops And How To Be Them

Author: Gelett Burgess re-introduced by Barbara Ross

Book Description: 100 year old book makes teaching children manners easy and fun for the entire family. It is filled with happy rhymes and delightful illustrations. Good Manners = Good self esteem.

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Title: The Redrock Canyon Explorer

Author: Irene Brady

Book Description: Explore the Southwest’s mysterious redrock canyons with your kids. Eavesdrop on amazing animals, weird plants and cool ecology. Packed with illustrations and a gripping narrative, and full of details about the fascinating life in a desert canyon.

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Title: ScribbleBooks Creativity Pack (consisting of three titles sold as a set) 1. ScribbleMonster and the Crunchy, Crunchy Carrots; 2. ScribbleMonster and the Broken TV; 3. ScribbleMonster Takes a Bath

Author: Paige A. Dague (author), James Dague (illustrator)

Book Description: ScribbleBooks encourage creativity in kids 1 to 8 as they complete the illustrations! The stories are family-friendly, featuring themes of friendship, limited screen-time and celebrating difference.

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Title: Grandpa Loved

Author: Josephine Nobisso

Book Description: “One of the Best Kids’ Books of the Year” Parents Magazine. Grandpa Loved follows an older boy recollections of times spent with his grandfather on the beach, in the forest, in the city and in the family.

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Title: Grandma’s Scrapbook

Author: Josephine Nobisso

Book Description: The scrapbook Grandma kept chronicles summers spent with her granddaughter at their house on the beach.

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Title: Emma and the Civil Warrior

Author: Candy Dahl

Book Description: Emma, 12, dares to defy the 100,000 Union troops that surround her city in April 1865 by smuggling, spying, and stealing. Can she accept the changes that the end of the war brings as well as the friendship of a Union lieutenant?

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Title: Me & Jay

Author: W. Royce Adams

Book Description: “A happy-ending page-turner with a solid message that bad decisions can have dire consequences,” says TODAY’S LIBRARIAN. “Don’t miss this one!” advises HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS.

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Title: Shh! The Whale is Smiling

Author: Josephine Nobisso

Book Description: An older sister takes her brother on an undersea noctural adventure with his favorite animal, the whale.

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Title: Tailey Whaley

Author: Charles Boyle

Book Description: Ruffians bully a young whale because he looks “different.” Later, he goes into action and uses his enormous tail to defeat whale hunters, thus saving his pod – – and showing the stupidity of intolerance & meanness. Hard cover, 2nd printing, full color.

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Title: The Boy Under the Bed

Author: Preston McClear

Book Description: “This is a book that I cannot recommend enough to mothers and fathers of small children.” Eliza Ferree – Knowyourauthors.com. Clever reversal story about a baby monster who is afraid of the boy under his bed.

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Title: The Boy Who Loved to Shim-Sham Shimmy

Author: M.D. Osborne

Book Description: Tim loves to dance for his grandfather, but he soon discovers that dancing for people he loves and dancing for others are two very different things.

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Title: Max Mooth — Cyber Sleuth and the Case of the Zombie Virus

Author: Stephen Kogon

Book Description: When a quirky, 19-year-old computer detective is framed with an evil cyber virus, he must team up with his wisecracking 8-year-old sleuthing partner to save the world’s computers and his good name. Suggested age range: 9-14

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Title: Ista Cante

Author: Carolyn Knoll

Book Description: A lyrical, vibrantly illustrated, mythlike story about intuition, a young girl and a cloth doll, handmade by her wise mother, using generations of fabric, knowledge and love. Ista Cante encourages a joyously, thoughtful family tradition.

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