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7 Best Web Development Books to Read In 2020

You are not alone if you have sought for the best recommended books when it comes to web development. It is an added advantage to copy from other people who have done the selections already.

Still it is fair to say the best for beginners may not be best for intermediate developers or advanced web and mobile developers.

After considerations here are the best seven web development book recommendations in 2020:

1) HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites, by Jon Duckett

This book targets beginner web developers but it is definitely a useful resource for seasoned developers to refresh their skills if they pick this book.

The advantage of this book is that it is easy to read, plus the style of being well illustrated makes it quite an attraction for all readers as it is adjudged as very interesting and captivating.

2) Communicating Design: Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning, by Dan M. Brown

When it comes to a more holistic book design that considers the workflow and experience of a web designer, this one comes as one of the very best.

It helps to get the learner to be abreast with the academic contents about web design while being fantastic for solo developers as well.

3) Freelance Newbie: A Beginner’s Guide to Finding Clients, Making Money, and Building Your Web Development Empire by RealTough Candy

Clearly from the title of this book, you can see that it targets freelancers but for a good reason, this book will benefit anyone in the web design and development business, since the freelancer is one that does the job as his own manager.

To be fair, while this book has useful information that would be very attractive to freelancers, it is quite useful as an additional companion to other learning resources If you like you can take it as a reference pointer to tools that can help get the jobs done faster and places where you can get information.

4) The Full Stack Developer: Your Essential Guide to the Everyday Skills Expected of a Modern Full Stack Web Developer by Chris Northwood

From working models; agile, waterfall, scrum to mock up tools in frontend design principles/patters, design architecture and APIs, Chris Northwood’s book for full stack developers covers all the essential skills well.

Everything to do with creating and deploying websites, including security measures to be taken is covered. This book is useful for both senior and junior developers as well as for all persons involved in web development team.

5) Web Development with Angular and Bootstrap: Create responsive web apps using Angular 6, Bootstrap 4, Flex Layout, and Angular Material by Aki Iskandar

Picking this book will be a good choice as the skills from here can be applied in web applications as well as for mobile applications too. Since Bootstap is widely used, its popularity is an added advantage in frontend development skills especially.

6) Front-End Developer Handbook by Cory Lindley

Front-End Developer Handbook comes free online with new versions yearly. For anyone who want to keep up to pace with the recent developments in web development space, this is a one stop resource for learning all you need to know to become a good frontend developer.

7) Mastering JavaScript: A Complete Programming Guide Including jQuery, AJAX, Web Design, Scripting and Mobile Application Development by Michael B. White

What is a website development without JavaScript? Web pages would be just about design and displays without the scripting side of it that adds a sense of local functions and features.

As a matter of fact, most fancy tools used in the trade of web developments are based on JavaScript. So this might be where to begin in honing skills for web development.

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